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Products and organizations


In Planship, a product is a container that defines pricing plans along with feature and metered levers, and it typically represents a single product offering for your customers. However, a Planship product can also represent a part of a larger product, a group of products, or whatever makes sense for your business.


Imagine a large product that is marketed as a single solution and is built on a single tech stack, but in reality consists of several distinct offerings that are priced independently of one another.

Name and slug

Every product has a unique name, which is used to automatically generate a slug. The product slug is unique within the organization, and is used to identify the product in all Planship API operations.


An organization is a top level container for your Planship products and customers, and it typically represents your business or a part of it (E.g. a division of a larger company).


Organizations and all related resources (E.g. products, plans, etc.) are managed by Planship users, with access based on the following roles:

  • Admin - can perform all operations including organization deletion (along with all of its data)
  • Collaborator - can perform all operations with the exception of organization deletion
  • Read-only - read only access to all data

Every organization has at least one user attached to it, and a user can belong to any number of organizations.