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In Planship, a customer represents a customer of your product. It can be an individual, another business, or anything else that makes sense for your business.

Once you register a customer with Planship, you can subscribe them to plans, report and track their usage, and retrieve feature and usage entitlements.

Customer attributes

When you register a customer with Planship, you can optionally provide their name, email, metadata and an alternative ID. If you'd rather not store any customer data in Planship, you can leave them empty.

Using an alternative customer ID

Every customer registered with Planship has its own, unique customer ID generated by Planship that can be used to identify that customer in all operations (E.g. reporting usage or retrieving entitlements via the API).

To make integration easier, Planship supports the optional use of an alternative ID. With an alternative ID, you can store your own unique customer ID in Planship, and use it to identify that customer in Planship API operations.

Mutliple products

Since customers are registered on the organization level, a single customer can have subscriptions to plans across multiple products, as long as these products are defined in the same organization.